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Turanza T005 summer tyre


A high performance car tyre, developed to deliver an enjoyable driving experience. Turanza T005 is a summer tyre for drivers who want to be confident and in control driving on both wet and dry roads to keep going with their day.

  • Highest rated tyre for braking and turning on wet roads
  • Awarded EU Label Grade A for wet grip
  • Achieves more mileage than its predecessor
  • DriveGuard Run-Flat Technology available in selected sizes
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Hankook K125 – The perfect balance between performance and safety

Hankook K125 tyre

Hankook Ventus Prime 3 K125 – The perfect balance between performance, comfort and safety.

Provides superior wet performance through rapid drainage. All groove depths are designed by their position for optimised stiffness. Minimised trade-off of dry and wet performance to ensure the balance of each. The optimised profile ensures the best tyre performance. The contact area is widened instantaneously when braking by groove.

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Toyo Proxes Comfort – Summer tyres

Toyo Proxes Comfort

Toyo Proxes Comfort is a Premium Touring Summer tire with asymmetrical tread pattern, designed for Passenger cars and SUV. Proxes Comfort was developed to provide premium levels of stability and comfort for relaxed and enjoyable everyday driving. The new tread compound and internal structure of Proxes Comfort give the tire enhanced stability at speed along with confident handling and excellent braking. Dynamic performance improvements, combine with quiet, comfortable driving to make Proxes Comfort one of the most capable all round tires available.

Toyo Proxes Comfort – prices and tyre sizes

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Superia Ecoblue HP – Summer tyres

  • Resistance and wet traction: three circumferential grooves provide excellent hydroplaning resistance and wet traction.
  • Improved acceleration and braking traction: multiple independent tread blocs improve acceleration and braking traction.
  • Tyre wear and mileage: unique tread compound improves tyre wear and mileage.
  • Enhanced handling: computer-optimized outer shoulder design enhances handling.
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Hankook K125 – Car summer tyres

Tyre Structure

High grip silica compound

Improved dry / wet traction and lower rolling resistance.

Jointless full cover reinforcement belt

Ideal tread strength.

Wide steel belt layer

Better dry and wet handling.

Equilibrium rayon carcass line

Enhance sidewall stiffness and durability.

High stiffness bead filler

Better handling and steering response.

Strong single strand bead wire

Improved uniformity and tyre fitting.

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Falken SINCERA SN110 – Summer tyres

Falken SN-110 tyre

Packed with technology in and under the surface, Falken’s new SINCERA SN110 car tyre aims to bring the wear and wet grip benefits normally found in top-of-the-range tyres to cost-conscious customers driving mass market cars. An A rating for wet weather performance underlines that the tyre doesn’t compromise on safety to achieve the wear benefits.

Falken Sincera SN110 – prices and sizes

Available from the start of 2020 in 49 sizes for 14”-16” wheels, the SINCERA SN110 is suitable for mainstream cars such as Ford Fiesta, Hyundai i10/i20, VW Golf, Fiat 500, BMW 1 Series, MINI and many more.

An intensive two-year development programme by engineers has achieved double digit percentage gains in wet braking and driving dynamics over its predecessor, the SINCERA SN832 ECORUN, but also exceeds the wear life performance of benchmarked premium brands.

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Michelin Pilot Sport 4 – Performance Sport

Pilot Sport 4 tyre

From mind to road. Instantly. Adapt to the road with precision handling with safety made to last, steering control and longevity.

  • High levels of reactivity and steering control on wet roads
  • Great wet braking performance with safety made to last
  • Chosen by premium carmakers
  • Mileage Warranty: 20,000 miles.

Control and reactivity

Dynamic Response Technology ensures optimum transmission of steering instructions to the road. The ultra-reactive tread pattern design adapts continuously to the road for optimized contact and steering control on wet roads to give you total control.

Exceptional wet and dry grip

Formula-E Tread Pattern and a new generation of functional elastomers and silica provide are combined with wide grooves and optimized tread to ensure a high level of drainage on wet surfaces for excellent grip and braking.

Improved efficiency and longevity

Put more power to the pavement with 13% less rolling resistance than the Pilot® Sport 3. A hybrid aramid and nylon belt combined with an optimized contact patch strengthens the tread pattern, resulting in more rubber contact with the road to improve longevity.

Premium Touch Design

Exterior sidewall with Premium Touch Design and a deep rim protector.

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Continental Ecocontact 6 – Summer tyres

ecocontact 6 car tyres

Master every twist and turn with optimised grip and handling. With enhanced grip and handling, the Continental Eco Contact 6 increases safety thanks to the uniquely designed tread pattern. Its innovative asymmetric pattern combined with the precise position of the sipes, deliver outstanding grip with the tyre never losing contact with the ground.

Sizes and prices:

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Falken ZE-310 – The latest in high performance

Falken ZE-310

The Falken Ziex ZE310 Ecorun couples high fuel efficiency with enhanced driver confidence and comfort. The Falken Ziex ZE310 Ecorun is a cutting-edge tyre, that uses 4D-Nano design technology to improve wear life. It also offers up to 5% savings in fuel consumption compared to conventional tyre models.

  • Superior traction and grip on wet and dry roads
  • Improved wear life and fuel efficiency
  • Adaptive constant pressure tread design for directional stability
  • Low risk of aquaplaning

Falken ZE-310 tyresizes and prices