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Hankook W462 winter tyre

Hankook W462 winter tyre

The Hankook Winter Icept RS3 W462 is an advanced winter tire designed to provide superior grip and stability on cold and icy surfaces. The tread’s sipes and grooves are finely optimized to maximize traction on snow and ice, ensuring a safe and comfortable driving experience. This tire is perfect for drivers seeking excellence in winter performance. With enhanced responsiveness and optimized rolling resistance, the Winter Icept RS3 W462 is the preferred choice for a high-quality winter driving experience.

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New CELSIUS AS2 gives year round control, so you can relax and enjoy the drive. Forget changing tires or compromised performance, CELSIUS AS2 is a fit and forget solution allowing you to experience excellent performance throughout its long life. Impressive stability at highway speeds throughout summer, combine with exceptional safety in winter, to make CELSIUS AS2 the ultimate all round performer. You can’t control the weather, but you can equip your car for whatever it brings.

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Debica Presto HP 2 summer tyres

debica Presto HP 2

The Debica PRESTO HP 2 is a high-performance summer tire designed to deliver exceptional performance, safety, and comfort during the warmer months. Whether you’re navigating city streets or hitting the open highway, these tires are engineered to meet your driving needs. Here are some key features and benefits of the Debica PRESTO HP 2:

1. Superior Handling and Traction:

  • The Debica PRESTO HP 2 is built to provide outstanding grip and handling on both dry and wet roads. Its advanced tread pattern and compound offer precise control and maximum traction.

2. Enhanced Safety:

  • Your safety on the road is paramount. These tires incorporate technology to reduce the risk of aquaplaning and enhance stability during wet conditions, ensuring a safer driving experience.

3. Comfortable and Quiet Ride:

  • Enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride thanks to the PRESTO HP 2’s reduced road noise and vibrations. The tire’s design prioritizes driver comfort, making long journeys a pleasure.

4. Long-lasting Durability:

  • These tires are constructed with high-quality materials that are built to withstand the rigors of summer driving. Their durability means fewer replacements and more miles on the road.

5. Versatile Sizing:

  • The Debica PRESTO HP 2 is available in a wide range of sizes to fit various vehicles, so you can find the perfect match for your car.

6. Competitive Value:

  • Debica offers a high-quality tire at a competitive price point, ensuring that you get excellent performance without breaking the bank.

When you choose the Debica PRESTO HP 2 summer tires, you’re investing in a tire that excels in performance, safety, and comfort. These tires are designed to meet the demands of summer driving, providing you with confidence and peace of mind on the road. So, whether you’re planning a summer road trip or simply need reliable everyday tires, the Debica PRESTO HP 2 is an excellent choice for your vehicle. Enjoy a superior driving experience with Debica.

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Nexen Primus SU1 summer tyre

tyre Nexen summer primus

The Nexen PRIMUS SU1 is a high-quality summer tyre designed to provide outstanding performance and safety during the warm weather months. Here are some key features and benefits of tyre tire:

  1. Superb Wet Weather Safety: The PRIMUS SU1 is engineered with a tread pattern that enhances grip and control on wet roads. This ensures excellent safety and reduces the risk of hydroplaning, making it an ideal choice for rainy summer days.
  2. Longevity: These tires are built to last. The advanced rubber compound and tread design contribute to a longer tire life, providing you with excellent value for your investment.
  3. Balanced Performance: Whether you’re navigating city streets or taking a long highway journey, the Nexen PRIMUS SU1 delivers a balanced performance. It offers stable handling, responsive steering, and a smooth ride, making your driving experience enjoyable.
  4. Maximum Comfort: The tire’s construction is designed to minimize road noise and vibrations, ensuring a comfortable and quiet ride. This is particularly important for long trips and daily commutes.
  5. Versatility: The Nexen PRIMUS SU1 comes in a wide range of sizes and specifications, making it suitable for various vehicles, from compact cars to SUVs. You can find the perfect fit for your specific needs.

In summary, the Nexen PRIMUS SU1 summer tire is an excellent choice for drivers seeking a reliable tire that excels in wet conditions, offers long-lasting performance, and provides a comfortable and quiet ride. Enjoy the summer season with confidence, knowing your vehicle is equipped with top-notch tires.

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Pirelli CINTURATO P7 summer tyre

Pirelli CINTURATO P7 tyre

Pirelli’s first ‘Green Performance’ tyre, CINTURATO P7™ has been created to take full advantage of latest materials, structures and tread pattern design in order to guarantee savings, respect for the environment, comfort and safety on all road surfaces. The P7™ Sport is the ultimate all-round training tyre. It was developed to give racers and everyday riders the same confident control as racing products while providing added durability.

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Turanza T005 summer tyre


A high performance car tyre, developed to deliver an enjoyable driving experience. Turanza T005 is a summer tyre for drivers who want to be confident and in control driving on both wet and dry roads to keep going with their day.

  • Highest rated tyre for braking and turning on wet roads
  • Awarded EU Label Grade A for wet grip
  • Achieves more mileage than its predecessor
  • DriveGuard Run-Flat Technology available in selected sizes
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Hankook K125 – The perfect balance between performance and safety

Hankook K125 tyre

Hankook Ventus Prime 3 K125 – The perfect balance between performance, comfort and safety.

Provides superior wet performance through rapid drainage. All groove depths are designed by their position for optimised stiffness. Minimised trade-off of dry and wet performance to ensure the balance of each. The optimised profile ensures the best tyre performance. The contact area is widened instantaneously when braking by groove.

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Toyo Proxes Comfort – Summer tyres

Toyo Proxes Comfort

Toyo Proxes Comfort is a Premium Touring Summer tire with asymmetrical tread pattern, designed for Passenger cars and SUV. Proxes Comfort was developed to provide premium levels of stability and comfort for relaxed and enjoyable everyday driving. The new tread compound and internal structure of Proxes Comfort give the tire enhanced stability at speed along with confident handling and excellent braking. Dynamic performance improvements, combine with quiet, comfortable driving to make Proxes Comfort one of the most capable all round tires available.

Toyo Proxes Comfort – prices and tyre sizes

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Superia Ecoblue HP – Summer tyres

  • Resistance and wet traction: three circumferential grooves provide excellent hydroplaning resistance and wet traction.
  • Improved acceleration and braking traction: multiple independent tread blocs improve acceleration and braking traction.
  • Tyre wear and mileage: unique tread compound improves tyre wear and mileage.
  • Enhanced handling: computer-optimized outer shoulder design enhances handling.
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Hankook K125 – Car summer tyres

Tyre Structure

High grip silica compound

Improved dry / wet traction and lower rolling resistance.

Jointless full cover reinforcement belt

Ideal tread strength.

Wide steel belt layer

Better dry and wet handling.

Equilibrium rayon carcass line

Enhance sidewall stiffness and durability.

High stiffness bead filler

Better handling and steering response.

Strong single strand bead wire

Improved uniformity and tyre fitting.