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Hankook K125 – The perfect balance between performance and safety

Hankook K125 tyre

Hankook Ventus Prime 3 K125 – The perfect balance between performance, comfort and safety.

Provides superior wet performance through rapid drainage. All groove depths are designed by their position for optimised stiffness. Minimised trade-off of dry and wet performance to ensure the balance of each. The optimised profile ensures the best tyre performance. The contact area is widened instantaneously when braking by groove.

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Superia Ecoblue HP – Summer tyres

  • Resistance and wet traction: three circumferential grooves provide excellent hydroplaning resistance and wet traction.
  • Improved acceleration and braking traction: multiple independent tread blocs improve acceleration and braking traction.
  • Tyre wear and mileage: unique tread compound improves tyre wear and mileage.
  • Enhanced handling: computer-optimized outer shoulder design enhances handling.